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|name=Sarah Evans
|name=Sarah Evans
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|alternative names=
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[[Category:Quakers of England]]
[[Category:Quakers of England]]
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[[Category:Quaker Women]]

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Sarah Evans (March 8, 1784 - November 7, 1855) was an English Friend from Birmingham.

Sarah Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: F
Birth date: 8 March 1784
Place of birth: Birmingham, England
Death date: 7 November 1855
Place of death: Edgbaston, Birmingham, England
Nationality: England
Disowned date:


Sarah Evans, the daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Evans of Birmingham, was born on March 8, 1784 (1). She was educated in the beliefs and principles of the Society of Friends and grew up with a strong conviction of their rightness and truth. She had a lively interest in the affairs of the Society and was always ready to help those who showed signs of falling by the wayside, but she was remarkably free from sectarian prejudices and her loving concern extended to all who professed a belief in Christ.

In character she was unassuming and diffident, but her religious experience was mature and deeply felt and was often helpful to tohers. Her whole life was harmonious and peaceful and she died as she had lived, a true and consistant Friend, at Edgbaston, Birmingham, on November 7, 1855 (2) at the age of seventy-one.

References and notes

  • (1) Warwick, Leicester & Rutland QM Births Digest: her father is described as a chandler
  • (2) Digest of Deaths: she is described as a spinster

N.B. There is no reference to her in J Friends Hist Soc vols 1-45


  • Annual Monitor 1857 pp 49-52
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