EVANS, Rachel Lucretia, 1842-1887

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  • Name: Rachel Lucretia Evans
  • Alternative names:
  • Gender: F
  • Birth date: 23 January 1842
  • Place of birth: Hereford
  • Nationality:
  • Spouse(s): John James Evans (m., 1866)
  • Children: 4
  • Meeting:
  • Branch:
  • Disowned date: --
  • Death date: 30 January 1887
  • Place of death:
  • Works by:

Rachel Lucretia Jones, the daughter of Joseph Jones (1803-1873 qv) and his wife Mary (born Morgan, ) of Hereford, was born there on 23 January 1842(1).
She was married in 1866 to John James Evans (1833?-1904 qv) of Hereford and there were four children(2).
Rachel Lucretia Evans of Dunstable died on 30 January 1887, at the age offorty five(3).

1 Digest of Births: her father is described as a bookseller
2 For marriage and children see EVANS, John James (1833?-1904)
3 Digest of Deaths: she is described as the wife of John James

Annual Monitor 1888, p 511 2 line entry for death, the wife of John J. Evans

N.B. There is no reference to her in J Friends Hist Soc vols 1-53

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