EVANS, John James, 1833-1904

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John James Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: about 1833
Place of birth:
Death date: 13 October 1904
Place of death: Dunstable, Bedfordhshire, England
Nationality: England
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Rachel Lucretia Jones (m. 1866)
Children: Mary Josephine (b. 1868), Margaret Havard (b. 1871), Ethel Marion (b. 1873), Winifred (b. 1879)

John James Evans (1833? - October 13, 1904) was a manufacturer and tea dealer from Hereford in the County of Herefordshire, England.


John James Evans, details of whose birth are not at present (1983) traced was the son of John Evans and was born about the year 1833(1). At the time of his marriage he was described as of Hereford. He was married in 1866 to Rachel Lucretia Jones (1842—1887) of Hereford and the two had four children(3). For a short time he was a manufacturer and a tea dealer, but for most of his life he had no occupation (4). Evans died in Dunstable on 13 October 1904, at the age of seventy one(5).

References and notes

  • (1) Aged 71 at death. His birth is not traced in Hereford, Worcester & Wales GM Births Digest
  • (2) The wedding was at Ross on 7 August 1866: he is described as a bachelor, a gentleman of King Street, Hereford, the son of John Evans, a supervisor of excise; she is described as a spinster of Broad Street, the daughter of Joseph Jones, a bookseller (Digest of Marraiges).
  • (3) Listed in the Digests of Births and Marriages as follows:
    Mary Josephine (b. 22 March 1868); Margaret Havard (b. 8 June 1871); Ethel Marion (b. 27 Jan 1873) m. 1897 Alfred William Southall (1871-1957); Winifred (b. 31 Oct 1879); No marriages traced in the Digest of Marriages to 1930
  • (4) In the birth entry for Mary Josephine he is described as a gentleman; Margaret Havard he is described as a manufacturer, for Ethel Marion a tea dealer and for Winifred no occupation is given. All his born at Redhill in Surrey
  • (5) Digest of Deaths: he is described as not in business

N.B. There is no reference to him in J friends Hist Soc vols 1-53

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