EVANS, John, ca. 1625-1707

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* The Friend (Phila.), 28:60.
* [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1579794| ''The Friend'', Philadelphia : The Friend, 1827-1955, 28:60.]

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John Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 1625
Place of birth:
Death date: 22 September 1707
Place of death: Radnor, Pennsylvania
Meeting: Haverford Monthly Meeting
Branch: Pre-separation
Disowned date:

John Evans (1625 - September 22, 1707) was a convinced Friend and minister at Haverford Monthly Meeting.


John Evans came to Pennsylvania in 1683 and became a member of, and minister at, Haverford Monthly Meeting. Since 1655, he had been a convinced Friend. He died on September 22, 1707 and was burried in Radnor, Pennsylvania.


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