EVANS, John, 1689-1756

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==References and Notes==
==References and Notes==
Note in 'The Journal of John Woolman', 1922 p.591<br>
Note in [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1096333| ''The Journal of John Woolman'', Boston and New York : Houghton, Mifflin, (1922) p.591]<br>

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John Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 1689
Place of birth: Wales
Death date: 23 September 23 1756
Place of death: Gwynedd, Pennsylvania
Nationality: Wales, US
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Eleanor (m. 1715)
Children: Cadwallader (b. 1715)

John Evans (1689 - September 23, 1756) was a Welsh-American Friend and minister from Gwynedd, Pennsylvania.




John Evans was born in Denbigshire, Wales, the son of Cadwallader Evans. In 1698, he came with his family to the 'Welsh Tract' of Pennsylvania. In 1715, he married at Eleanor Ellis (1685-1765), daughter of Rowland Ellis, at Merion. John Evans died in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1756. He is said to have, forseeing his approaching death, uttered, "Friends, I have but an inch of time to treat with you." Near his death he felt low and dejected, but finally could exclaim, "I am easy! I am easy!"


In 1712, John Evans became a minister and was credited with a clear and engaging manner in speaking. In this capacity, he visited most of the northern colonies. In 1740, he visited Friends North and East. In 1755, he visited subordinate meetings in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and signed an epistle to Friends from the Y. Mtg.

References and Notes

Note in The Journal of John Woolman, Boston and New York : Houghton, Mifflin, (1922) p.591


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