EVANS, Emily Caroline, 1873-1928

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Emily Caroline Evans
Alternative names: E. Carrie Evans
Gender: F
Birth date: 20 October 1873
Place of birth: Ackworth, West Yorkshire, England
Death date: 23 September 1928
Place of death:
Nationality: English
Meeting: Wolverhampton Meeting
Disowned date:

Emily Caroline Evans (October 20, 1873 - September 23, 1928) was an English Friend and nurse at the Wolverhampton General Hospital.


Emily Caroline Evans, the daughter of Josiah and Mary Hannah (born Sharp) of Ackworth in Yorkshire, was born there on October 20, 1873(1). She was a staff nurse at Wolverhampton General Hospital. Her work brought her into contact with suffering and with much that was sordid but her spiritual gifts and her friendly nature enabled her to be an inspiration to those among whom she worked. She liked to spend some of her spare time in country walks, where she could renew her spirit by the beauty around her. Her judgment was uncompromising, but she was remarkably free from the spirit of censoriousness. Her ministry in meetings for worship was not frequent, but was always helpful and of a practical character. At the time of her death she was clerk of Wolverhampton Meeting. (*) E. Carrie Evans of the General Hospital, Wolverhampton, died on September 23, 1928 at the age of fifty four(2)•

References and Notes

1 Digest of Births: her father is described as a schoolmaster
2 Digest of Deaths: she is described as a staff nurse
3 She was clerk of Wolverhampton PM from 1925 (Index of clerks, Friends House Library ): the Book of meetings prints her name as E.Carrie Evans
N.B. There is no reference to her in [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1579795|J Friends Hist Soc vols 1-45


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