EVANS, Elizabeth Barton, 1794-1861

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Elizabeth Barton Evans
Alternative names: Elizabeth Barton
Gender: F
Birth date: 2 January 1794
Place of birth: Newton, Camden County, New Jersey
Death date: 12 or 14 November 1861
Place of death: Salem, New Jersey
Nationality: US
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): William Evans (m., 1824)
Children: 4


Elizabeth Barton was born on January 2, 1794 in Newton, Camden County, New Jersey to John and Rebecca (Angevine) Barton. At an early age, Elizabeth was "attracted to a gay and lively group of young people," and was a particular favorite for her singing. Around 1813, she broke off from these associations.

In 1815, Barton became a minister. This was acknowledged in 1818. In 1819, she spoke at the funeral of Thomas Scattergood (Pine St., Phila.). She visited nearly all the Yearly Meetings in America, with many meetings belonging to them.

In 1824, Elizabeth Barton married William Evans and moved to 134 (later 252) South Front Street in Philadelphia. The two had four children. Elizabeth Barton Evans died of a heart attack on November 12 or 14, 1861 in Salem, New Jersey.


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