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Morris Cope
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 26 July 1800
Place of birth: East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa.
Death date: 7 July 1892
Place of death: near London Grove, Pa.
Nationality: US
Meeting: London Grove Monthly Meeting
Branch: Pre/Orthodox
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Ann Swayne
Children: 1 son

Morris Cope (July 26, 1800 - July 7, 1892) was a Quaker minister and writer from Chester County, Pennsylvania.


Morris Cope was born in East Bradford, Chester County, Pennsylvania on July 26, 1800 to Abiah and Jane (nee Morris) Cope. In 1829, he married Ann Swayne of West Marlborough Township, Pennsylvania. The two had one son. The family removed to the limits of London Grove Monthly Meeting, and in 1847 Morris Cope was acknowledged as a minister. In 1858, Cope published Some authentic extracts, with a few deductions and observations in relation to the state Society of Friends, which compared the published statements of Joseph John Gurney with those of George Fox, William Penn and Robert Barclay, and found contradictions. After a lingering illness, Morris Cope died on July 7, 1892 near London Grove, Pennsylvania. Throughout his life he maintainted an interest in astronomy.

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