EVANS, Rachel Lucretia, 1842-1887

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Rachel Lucretia Evans
Alternative names: Rachel Lucretia Jones
Gender: F
Birth date: 23 January 1842
Place of birth: Hereford, England
Death date: 30 January 1887
Place of death: Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England
Nationality: England
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): John James Evans (m. 1866)
Children: Mary Josephine (b. 1868), Margaret Havard (b. 1871), Ethel Marion (b. 1873), Winifred (b. 1879)

Rachel Lucretia Evans (January 23, 1842 - January 30, 1887) was an English Friend from Hereford in the county of Herefordshire.


Rachel Lucretia Jones, the daughter of Joseph Jones (1803-1873) and his wife Mary (born Morgan) of Hereford, was born on January 23, 1842(1). She was married in 1866 to John James Evans of Hereford and there were four children(2). Rachel Lucretia Evans of Dunstable died on January 30 1887, at the age of forty-five(3).

References and notes

  • (1) Digest of Births: her father is described as a bookseller
  • (2) For marriage and children see EVANS, John James (1833?-1904)
  • (3) Digest of Deaths: she is described as the wife of John James

N.B. There is no reference to her in J Friends Hist Soc vols 1-53


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