EVANS, Eliza, 1821-1894

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Eliza Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: F
Birth date: about 1821
Place of birth:
Death date: 1 June 1894
Place of death:
Nationality: Ireland
Meeting: North Somerset Monthly Meeting
Branch: Pre/Hicksite
Disowned date:

Eliza Evans (1821 - June 1, 1894) was an invalid Friend from Ireland.


Eliza Evans was born about the year 1821 and was for many years a confirmed invalid, living within the compass of North Somerset Monthly Meeting, and being much dependent upon the care and attention of Charles, her brother.

"A kindly and sympathetic word or message to those in trouble, a loan of books and the wide distribution of interesting and instructive publications, were some of the ministries which emanated from the invalid couch. Both brother and sister shared in such service, and were emphatically kind and liberal to the poor, - generous also in their contributions to many religious and philanthropic objects."


  • Testimony of North Somerset & Wilts MM in YM Proc. 1895, p. 142
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