COPE, Samuel, 1789-1871

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Samuel Cope
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 28 February 1789
Place of birth: East Bradford Township, Pa.
Death date: 11 November 1871
Place of death: East Bradford Township, Pa.
Nationality: US
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Mary Ann Pusey
Children: 6

Samuel Cope (February 28, 1789 - November 11, 1871) was an elder and minister from Chester County, Pennsylvania.


Samuel Cope was born on February 28, 1789 in East Bradford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania to Abiah and Jane (nee Morris) Cope. Samuel married his first wife, Mary Ann Pusey, in 1821. Pusey died in 1822. In 1835, Samuel Cope married Ann Williams and the two had six children. He was an elder by 1828 and by 1835 a minister. In this capacity, he visited three Yearly Meetings besides his own, as well as all of the meetings of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (some of them several times). Cope is credited with having had a ready Irish wit. He possessed a strong constitution and was for many years favoured with good health, though ten years before his death he became almost blind.


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