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Engraving of Thomas P. Cope, 1849.

Thomas Pim Cope, 1768-1854

Thomas Pim Cope was born on August 26, 1768 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Caleb and Mary (nee Mendenhall) Cope. In 1784 or 1785, he apprenticed himself to his uncle Thomas Mendenhall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cope married Mary Drinker of Philadelphia on May 17, 1792. The two had four sons and thee daughters. In 1797, Cope helped in the yellow fever times. He contracted the disease, but recovered. T.P. Cope and family transferred membership from Philadelphia Monthly Meeting to the Monthly Meeting for the Northern District, but transferred back in 1806. In 1838, Cope transferred membership to Philadelphia Monthly Meeting for the Southern District. His diary was published by Eliza Cope Harrison under the title of "Philadelphia Merchant."

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