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Questions, concerns, things to fix, think about, or decide...

  • Who will get added to the dictionary? Any Quaker ever? Any Quaker mentioned within the DQB (but who does not already have an entry)? Just important Quakers? [First thought -- this is NOT a genealogy, but a dictionary of NOTABLE Quakers]
  • Where should Women who have taken a married name be indexed? Maiden name? Married name? Both?
  • Should we be including non-Cope non-Evans names in the first phase of this? Might just gunk thinks up in our earliest stages.
  • Will we link to things besides names? For instance, if a particular school is found in more than one biography, should they all link to a common page about that school? If so, how would we draw the limits of this? If not, how easy would it be for someone to search for all the occurances of said school?
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