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Get a Super Bod Like Jennifer Lopez

Ever wonder what Jennifer Lopez’ workout plan is? Many have been asking how a woman her age manages to maintain that curvy and slim body that most women adore. She’s a mother a celebrity, mother, singer, actress, and wife and she has given birth to twins already. But where have all the baby weight gone?

Jennifer Lopez Workout Plan: Exercise Routine

Typically, Jennifer Lopez’ workout plan consists of specific workouts that target glutes, butt muscles, and lower body parts. Gunnar Peterson, the one who helped design the famous Kim Kardashian diet and workout, is one of her personal trainers. Gunnar makes sure that Jennifer Lopez does a full body workout every time instead of isolation exercises. Whole body workouts let her burn more calories and fat and tone her muscles in a balanced way.

An ordinary workout day for her includes a mix of cardio exercises, resistance training, lunges, and squats. Prior to her giving birth to their twins, she trains her body really hard. Jennifer Lopez’ workout plan before can be compared to an MMA core workout in terms of level of difficulty and intensity. To keep her body healthier and fit today, she now incorporates lighter workout schemes such as yoga and dancing to her usual cardio mix and weight training exercises.

Jennifer Lopez Workout Plan: Diet and Lifestyle

Jennifer believes that exercise is not everything. An active and busy lifestyle requires a lot of discipline, especially for a fitness icon and celebrity like her. She lives a clean lifestyle and abstains from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Jennifer Lopez’ workout plan includes a simple, no-nonsense diet. She does not follow a strict, ultra-limiting meal plan. She does not leave out any type of food from her diet and eats whatever she wants. Sometimes she eats fast food, sometimes salads and burgers. But the ultimate secret to her amazing stamina and figure is moderation.

Jennifer Lopez has always been keen on her diet, exercise and lifestyle that is why she keeps her figure looking stunning all year round. If you want to have a slim bod and ripped muscles but still want to retain the womanly look, follow the Jennifer Lopez workout plan and get a super bod like JLo's.

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