EVANS (or ap Evan), Thomas, 1650-1738

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Thomas Evans (1650 or 1651 - December 10, 1738) was a Welsh-American Friend, Yeoman and overseer at Goshen Meeting.

Thomas Evans
Alternative names: Thomas ap Evan
Gender: M
Birth date: 1650 or 1651
Place of birth: Fran Goch, near Merionethshire, Wales
Death date: 10 December 1738
Place of death: Goshen, Pa.
Nationality: Wales, US
Meeting: Goshen Meeting
Branch: Pre-separation
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Ann, Hannah (Price) Davies (or Davids or David)
Children: Robert (ca. 1674), Hugh (b. 1682), Evan (b. 1684), Owen (b. 1687)


Thomas Evans, son of Evan ap Evan was born in 1650 or 1651 at Fran Goch, near Bala, Merionetshire, Wales. W illiam John and Thomas Evans were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania near the end of the year 1697 and chose Gwynedd as the place of settlement. He then became a convinced Friend. Evans and his first wife Ann (d. 1716) had eight children. He married for the second time in 1722, to Hannah Price Davies (or Davids, or David), a widow. From 1737 to 1738, Evans was an overseer at Goshen Meeting. He died on December 10, 1738 in Goshen, Pennsylvania.


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