EVANS, William, 1787-1867

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  • Name: William Evans
  • Alternative names:
  • Gender: M
  • Birth date: 5 October 1787
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Nationality: US
  • Spouse(s): Abigail Musgrave (m., 1811), Elizabeth Barton (m., 1824)
  • Children: 6
  • Meeting:
  • Branch:
  • Disowned date: --
  • Death date: 12 May or June 1867
  • Place of death: 322 Union St. (now Delancy St.) Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Works by:


b. 5 Oct. 1787, Phila., Pa., eldest s. of Jonathan and Hannah (Bacon) Evans.
1799, attended Westtown School, one of the first 20 scholars.
1808, druggist at 134 (later changed to 252) South Front St., Phila., Pa., "three doors above the drawbridge.”
m., 1811, Abigail Musgrave (d. 1815). Two children.
m. (2d), 1824, Elizabeth Barton, a minister (d. 1861)
Four children.
1819, at Ohio Y. Mtg., Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 1820, attacked with yellow fever.
ca. 1822, minister. Visited meetings in eastern United States and Canada, and west as far as Iowa. An impressive speaker, whose communications came usually late in the meeting.
1830, 1831, testified at Camden trial, N.J. On Westtown School Com. for 53 years. Clerk of Phila. Y. Mtg. for many years. Was esteemed by some Friends of favouring a "middle policy" in the Gurney-Wilbur disputes (1845 1860).
Tall, and striking in appearance. Wrote a journal. Became nearly blind.
Published, with his brother Thomas Evans: The Friends Library, 14 vols., 1837-1850.
Republished, also with Thomas Evans: Piety Promoted in 4 vols., 1854.
d. 12 May or June 1867, 322 Union St. (now Delancy St.) Phila., Pa., a minister ca. 45 years, and aged ca. 80.


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