EVANS, William, 1750-1817

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William Evans (December 4, 1750 - December 9, 1817) was a woolstapler and representative of Warwick Leicester & Rutland Quarterly Meeting from Warwick, England.


  • Name: William Evans
  • Alternative names:
  • Gender: M
  • Birth date: 4 December 1750
  • Place of birth:
  • Nationality: England
  • Spouse(s): Hannah Lamley (m., 1790)
  • Children: Lamley (1793)
  • Meeting: Warwick Leicester & Rutland Quarterly Meeting
  • Branch: Pre-separation
  • Disowned date: --
  • Death date: 9 December 1817
  • Place of death:
  • Works by:


William Evans was born on December 4, 1750 to John and Elizabeth Evans, then or later of Kings Heath, Woros(1). He became a woolstapler in Coventry and lived, after his marriage, in Warwick (2). He married Hannah Lamley (1751-1828) in 1790(3). They had one child(4). Evans was a representative of Warwick Leicester & Rutland Quarterly Meeting to the Yearly Meeting in 1791, 1802 and 1806 (5). He died on December 9, 1817, at the age of sixty-seven(6).

References and notes

  • (1) Warwick Leicester & Rutland QM Births Digest: no place of birth, parents abode, or occupation are given. His parents are described as "late of Kings heath" in the entry relating to his marriage (1790): Kings Heath is close to Kings Norton
  • (2) Described as woolstapler, of Coventry, in the entry relating to his marriage; William and Hannah Evans appear to have lived at Warwick from 1790 onwards
  • (3) 2 The marriage was at Warwick on 7 October 1790: he is described as of Coventry, woolstapler, son of John & Elizabeth Evans, late of Kings heath, Co of Worcester; she is described as daughter of William & Mary Lamley (decd) late of Bloxham, co of Oxford (Warwick Leicester & Rutland QM Marriages Digest)
  • (4) Listed in Warwick Leicester & Rutland QM Births and Burials Digests as follows:

Lamley qv b 20 June 1793 d 5 Aug 1815 aged 22 yrs

  • (5) List of representatives to Yearly Meeting 1668-1861 (typescript, Friends House Library)
  • (6) Warwick Leicester & Rutland QM Burials Digests he is described as a woolstapler

There is no reference to him in J Friends Hist Soc vol 1-53

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