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* De Cou, Burlington, a Provincial Capitol, pp. 192-93.<br>  
* [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1793540| De Cou, George ''Burlington, a provincial capital : historical sketches of Burlington, New Jersey, and neighborhood'', pp. 192-93.] <br>  
* De Cou, historical Sketches of Rancocas and neighborhood.<br>
* [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1447583| De Cou, George ''The historic Rancocas : sketches of the towns and pioneer settlers in Rancocas Valley''Moorestown, N.J. ].
* De Cou, The historic Rancocas.
[[Category:Quakers of England]]
[[Category:Quakers of England]]

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William Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date:
Place of birth: London, England
Death date: 1688
Place of death:
Nationality: England, US
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Jane (or Jean) Hodges
Children: Thomas, William (d. 1728)

William Evans (d. 1688) was an English Friend, a carpenter and owner of land in New Jersey.


Williams Evans, a carpenter, was born in London, England. He married Jane (or Jean) Hodges and had two sons. In 1682, he moved to New Jersey and settled in Willingboro Township, about one-half mile south of the present village of Rancocas. In 1682, he was recorded as having 323 acres there.


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