EVANS, Thomas, 1693-1783

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* Comly, Friends Misc., 10:233.<br>
* [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1108038| Comly, John ''Friends Miscellany'',Philadelphia. William Sharpless, Printer, 1831-1839 10:233.]<br>
* Phila. Y. Mt ., Col. of Memorials, 1787, p. 409.
* Phila. Y. Mt ., Col. of Memorials, 1787, p. 409.

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Thomas Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 12 February 1693
Place of birth:
Death date: 21 January 1783
Place of death: Evensham, New Jersey
Nationality: US
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Esther Haines (m. 1715), Rebecca Owen (m. 1718)


Thomas Evans was born on February 12, 1693 to William and Elizabeth Hanke Evans. In 1715 he married Esther Haines. In 1718, he again married, this time to Rebecca Owen, and travelled as a minister. He is described as temperate in his living and as a peacemaker in his community. When his understanding of worldly matters failed him, he used still to speak in a lively manner to the states of people assembled. He died on January 21, 1783 and was interred at Evesham (Mt. Laurel), New Jersey.


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