EVANS, Mary Nicholas, ca. 1695-1769

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Mary Nicholas Evans (ca. 1695 - May 20, 1769) was a Quaker minister from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mary Nichols Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: F
Birthdate: ca. 1695
Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse(s): Owen Evans (m. 1736)
Disowned date:
Death date: 20 May 1769
Place of death: Gwynedd, Pennsylvania


Mary Nicholas was born around 1695 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Samuel and Margaret Nicholas. Around 1725, she became a minister. In 1736, she married Owen Evans of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. She lived for a while in 1760 with her married daughter in Philadelphia. In 1767, she returned to Gwynedd.


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