EVANS, Katharine S. Bracher, 1876-1936

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* The Friend (London), 94(1936): 207 (portrait).
* [http://tripod.brynmawr.edu/record=b1574727| The Friend (London), 94(1936): 207 (portrait).]
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[[Category:Quakers of England]]
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Katherine S. Bracher Evans
Alternative names: Katharine S. Bracher
Gender: F
Birth date: 12 May 1876
Place of birth: Wincanton, Somerset, England
Death date: 14 February 1936
Place of death:
Nationality: England
Meeting: Reading Meeting
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Charles I. Evans (m. 1907)
Children: 3

Katharine S. Bracher Evans (May 12, 1876 - February 14, 1936) was an English Friend and educator from Somerset County, England.


Katharine S. Bracher was born on May 12, 1876 in Wincanton, Somerset, England to William and Mary Bracher. Her father died shortly after her birth and Mary Bracher brought up her large family on somewhat straitened means. She attended Sidcot School from 1889 to 1892 and later the Mount School. She taught at Lisburn School and in Friends families. In 1907, she married Charles I. Evans and lived at Sidcot. In 1910, Charles was headmaster of Leighton Park School in Reading. She was a constant support to him in his work, and helped in all his achievements. She had a calm serenity and a sincere friendliness which made her an influence amongst boys and staff. She had an insterest in the lives of the boys, and her devotion to and her competent care of her garden and her poultry gave her a spacial sympathy with their hobbies. Katharine was also as elder at Reading Meeting. Around 1928, Katharine, her husband and two sons moved to New Forest, near Sway. An incurable illness followed and on February, 1936, she died in Glastonbury.


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