EVANS, Joel, 1796-1865

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|birthdate=March 7, 1796
|birthdate=March 7, 1796
|birthplace=Marple, Pennsylvania
|birthplace=Marple, Pennsylvania
|nationality= UDD
|nationality= US
|spouses=Hannah Rhoads (m. 1848)
|spouses=Hannah Rhoads (m. 1848)
|children=4 sons, 3 daughters
|children=4 sons, 3 daughters

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Joel Evans (March 7, 1796 - May 13, 1865) was a member and elder of Springfield Particular Meeting , and a Clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Orthodox).

Joel Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birthdate: March 7, 1796
Place of birth: Marple, Pennsylvania
Nationality: US
Spouse(s): Hannah Rhoads (m. 1848)
Children: 4 sons, 3 daughters
Meeting: Springfield Particular Meeting
Branch: Orthodox
Disowned date:
Death date: 13 May 1867
Place of death:


Joel Evans was born on March 7, 1796 in Marple, Pennsylvania to Jonathan and Hannah (Bacon) Evans. In 1848, he married Hannah Rhoads, the daughter of Owen and Mary (Hall) Rhoads. The couple had three daughters and four sons. From 1862 to 1864, Evans was Clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Orthodox). He was a member and elder at Springfield Particular Meeting in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Joel Evans died on May 13, 1865.


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