EVANS, Evan, 1684-1747

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Evan Evans
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 1684
Place of birth: Merionethshire, Wales
Death date: 24 July 1747
Place of death:
Nationality: Wales, US
Branch: Pre-separation
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Elizabeth Musgrave (m. 1713)
Children: David (1733)

Evan Evans (1684 - July 24, 1747) was a Welsh-American Friend and minister in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania.


Evan Evans was born in in Merionetshire, Wales, in 1684 to Thomas and Ann Evans. In 1698, he came with his parents to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Musgrave in 1713.

As a minister, he travelled with his relation, John Evans, through most of the American colonies but especially in the adjacent counties of Pennsylvania, where new meetings had been established. Evan Evans was attacked with his last illness while travelling on Truths account and died on July 24, 1747. He was burried in Gwynedd.


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