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Ellen Ellis Evans (1685 - April 19, 1765) was a Welsh-American Friend and meeting elder.


  • Name: Ellen Ellis Evans
  • Alternative names: Ellen Ellis
  • Gender: F
  • Birth date: 1685
  • Place of birth: near Dollegelle, Wales
  • Nationality: Wales, US
  • Spouse(s): John Evans (m. 1715)
  • Children:
  • Meeting:
  • Branch: Pre-separation
  • Disowned date: --
  • Death date: 19 April 1765
  • Place of death: Gwynedd, Pennsylvania
  • Works by:


Ellen Ellis was born in 1685 near Dollegelle, Wales to Rowland and Margaret Ellis. The family came to America and settled near Haverford, Pennsylvania. In 1715, Ellis married John Evans, of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. Herself a meeting elder, Ellen encouraged John in his ministry. She traditionally woke early, remarking, "the sun is the candle of the world, which calls us . . . to our several duties." Every day (except for meeting days), she used to retire about noon with the bible or some religious book, and spend a portion of her time alone. She was remarkably well acquainted with the holy scriptures and in the history and writings of Friends. Ellen Ellis Evans died on April 29, 1765 in Gwynedd.


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