EVANS, Cadwallader, 1664-1745

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Cadwallader Evans (1664 - May 30, 1745), originally a Welsh Anglican, emigrated to Pennsylvania and became a Quaker minister.


  • Name: Cadwallader Evans
  • Alternative names:
  • Gender: M
  • Birth date: 1664
  • Place of birth: Parish Llandderfel, Marionshire, Wales
  • Nationality: Wales
  • Spouse(s): Ellen Morris
  • Children: John (1689), one daughter
  • Meeting:
  • Branch:
  • Disowned date: --
  • Death date: 30 May 1745
  • Place of death: Gweynedd, Pennsylvania?
  • Works by:


Cadwallader Evans, the son of Evan ap Evan. was born in Parish Llandderfel, Marionshire, Wales in 1664. Originally in profession with Church of England, Evans arrived in Pennsylvania in 1698 and was impressed to go down and see how the Quakers do. He was later convinced. He married Ellen Morris and had one son and one daughter. It was his practice on First-days to be ready an hour before the time appointed for meeting, then to read several chapters in the Bible or some religious book. He was usually one of the first at meeting. As a minister, Evans was serviceable in composing differences and in visiting the sick. In the latter part of his life, he spent much time in visiting from house to house, communicating what appeared needful. He enjoyed an uncommon share of health.


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