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* Quaker Biog., Series 2, 2:133 (portrait).<br />
* Quaker Biog., Series 2, 2:133 (portrait).<br />
* Phila. Y. Mtg., Memorials concerning deceased Friends. selection from . . . 1788 to 1878.. . . 4th ed.,<br>  
* [ Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. ''Memorials concerning deceased Friends: Being a selection from the records of the Yearly Meeting for Pennsylvania, &c., from the year 1788 to 1878, inclusive'', 4th ed. (Philadelphia, PA: Friends' Book Store, 1879).]<br>  
* Cope, A record of the Cope family, 1861, p. 113.
* [ Cope, Gilbert. ''A record of the Cope family: As established in America, by Oliver Cope, who came from England to Pennsylvania, about ... 1682, with the residences, dates of births, deaths and marriages of his descendants as far as ascertained'' (Philadelphia, PA: King & Baird, Printers, 1861), p. 113.]
[[Category:Quakers of Philadelphia]]
[[Category:Quakers of Philadelphia]]

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Alfred Cope
Alternative names:
Gender: M
Birth date: 13 April 1806
Place of birth:
Death date: 4 December 1875
Place of death: "Fairfield," Logan, Pa.
Nationality: US
Disowned date:
Spouse(s): Hannah Edge (m. 1839), Rebecca Biddle (m. 1851)
Children: Edward Drinker (b. 1840), Elizabeth Waln (b. 1841), Marry Anna (b. 1843), James Biddle (b.1852)

Alfred Cope (April 13, 1806 - December 11, 1875), son of Thomas P. and Mary Drinker Cope, was a partner in H&A Cope with his brother Henry Cope.



Early Life

Cope attended Friends Boarding School in Plymouth, Pa., c. 1816. In 1820, he and his father visited Niagara and Montreal.


In 1829, Alfred and Henry Cope succeeded to their father's business--that of the shipping line between Philadelphia and Liverpool, England. In 1833, Alfred Cope visited Spain, Portugal, France and England.

Personal Life

Alfred Cope married Hannah Edge in 1839. The two had three children. The Copes moved to Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. in 1842. Hannah Edge Cope died in 1843 and Alfred remarried to Rebecca Biddle in 1851. They moved to Logan, Pa. and had one son. In 1849, Alfred Cope and Thomas Wister travelled to Green Bay, Wisconsin, carrying with them $40,000 in gold for the Indians. He was a patron of Germantown Friends School, Germantown Friend Free Library, The Cheyney Training School and the Philadelphia Zoological Gardens.

Never of robust health, Alfred Cope died on December 11, 1875, at "Fairfield," in Logan, Pa.


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