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For those tennis fans amongst us, Wimbledon fortnight is the highlight of the year. Tales are abound of people happily queuing for days to get a glimpse of their hero or heroine in action. Others have been known to stock up on supplies and then take to their homes for the entire fortnight, only emerging into the world for those brief few hours each morning when actual play or analysis, or repeats of play are absent from their televisions. So what can fans expect from this year's championship? Well to start with, we can reassure you that Wimbledon will retain the quiet dignity that one of its hallmarks. Vuvuzelas, so much a feature of the football world cup have been banned from the Wimbledon championships. However, we are sure that the fans on Henman Hill will still cheer on the players with as much enthusiasm as usual. As number four seed, Andy Murray has his work cut out if he is to overcome his recent form and be the first man to win an individual title since Fred Perry in 1936 but if he does we can expect Henman Hill to be in line for a re-title to Murray Mound or Murrayfield.

The Queen is to grace this year's Wimbledon live Tennis championship on June 24th, adding extra excitement and security to an already vibrant event. For those who live in the Wimbledon area, the championship is either a blessing or a curse. Some non-tennis fans even regularly book the Wimbledon fortnight as their annual holiday just to avoid the crowds and extra traffic. Of course, locals can also benefit from the Championships. With the influx of the tennis circus comes the need for places to stay and a demand for houses to rent for the fortnight. Locals who rent out their homes for the fortnight can often have a free holiday and cash in hand as well.

We thought we'd take a quick look at some top tips for renting out your home for Wimbledon fortnight or any other short time period. Firstly, let's look at cleaning. Your home could do with a thorough clean at the start and end of the rental period. You'll have enough to do packing for your holiday so consider bringing in a cleaning company. They can ensure that your home is sparkling clean both for the tenants and on your return. Try and choose a company that can offer both standard cleaning such as dusting and polishing as well as deep steam cleaning of carpets and other surfaces. Some cleaning companies also offer maid service and if the tenants take this up you can be doubly sure that your home will be cared for whilst you are away.

Next, take a short time to create space for your visitors. Try and pack clothes and valuables away into one room that can be locked. This leaves some wardrobe space for the tenants and saves them from drinking your precious stock that you have been building up for years. General food stocks can be left in the kitchen as long as the rental agreement contains a replacement clause. Take some time to warn the neighbours that you are going to have short term tenants. This saves them from calling the police when strangers are seen. Also jot down instructions on operating alarms and other systems. Finally, pack, enjoy your holiday and support all our British tennis players from the comfort of your luxury hotel suite.

IG Index is one of the worlds first financial spread betting firms. The company was founded in 1974 in London, and is the first company in the UK that started providing this specific derivative. Today, this broker is listed in the FTSE 250, and has offices in the US, Australia, Japan, and European offices in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, and Luxembourg. IG Index is considered to be a good investment and trading company especially for beginners because it provides two separate accounts; the first account is intended for beginners at spread betting. This account will limit the risks of the bets through a mechanism that is called a guaranteed stop loss. In this setup, there are larger spreads. The second type of trading account is called the Plus account, which is intended for more experienced spread betters. The standard account has more competitive spreads.

Since the trading platform is browser-based, it cannot be avoided that there are some delays in the trading times, especially when many people are using the browser during the busy times. A second option for IG Index's financial spread betting is to download software that will automatically access their accounts from any computer connected to the Internet. Aside from this platform the IG Index also offers mobile trading. IG Index has mobile alerts and offers telephone rings whenever the trader chooses to have the services. A trader can access their specific accounts from their iPhone, Android Phone, and other smart-phones. IG Index is one of the largest spread betting companies in the world, which is a result of its pioneering role in the industry. It has more than 10,000 financial instruments which allows its clients to select from a range of sectors and industries available. Also allows its clients to trade globally from thousands of industries, markets, sectors, commodities, Indices, and Forex. Some of the advantages that this brokerage firm provides to its customer base within this particular sector include some of the following key points; non-stop trading, low stakes and margins, and automated stop loss.

One handicap of IG Index is that it does not have a virtual account or a demo account. The virtual account is where beginner traders can practice the skill of being a spread better. Beginners in financial spread betting can learn how to spread bet using the virtual account, which acts as a simulator of the real spread betting arena. This allows the trader to place their bets on several markets without losing actual capital. The virtual account allows them to trade and bet on simulated trading on many commodities and products. When it comes to financial spread betting, IG Index is one of the top companies a person will want to consider. Being the industry pioneer gives it a kind of birth right, along with 10,000 companies at its helm. Overall, while IG Index delivers good services and features, there are also many other financial spread betting companies that operate within the same level as it.

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