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CCOPE, AbiahCOPE, Alfred, 1806-1875
COPE, David, 1787-1864COPE, Edward Drinker, 1840-1897COPE, Francis Reeve, 1821-1909
COPE, George, 1855-1929COPE, Gilbert, 180-1928COPE, Gilbert, 1840-1928
COPE, HenryCOPE, Jane MorrisCOPE, Marmaduke Cooper, 1804-1897
COPE, Morris, 1800-1892COPE, Rachel ReeveCOPE, Samuel, 1789-1871
COPE, Susanna, -1741/2
COPE, Thomas P. (Thomas Pim), 1768-1854COPE, Thomas Pim, 1768-1854COPE, Thomas Pim, 1823-1900
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Digital Dictionary of Quaker BiographyDo It Yourself French DrainE
EVANS, Annie Edith, 1870?-1961EVANS, BenjaminEVANS, Cadwallader, 1664-1745
EVANS, Cadwallader, 1715-1773EVANS, Cadwallader, 1762-EVANS, Charles, 1802-1879
EVANS, Charles, 1824?-1894EVANS, Charles Irwin, 1870-1941EVANS, David, 1733-1817
EVANS, David, 1793-1862EVANS, David, 1894-1959EVANS, Eliza, 1821-1894
EVANS, Elizabeth, 1724-1796EVANS, Elizabeth Barton, 1794-1861
EVANS, Elizabeth HankeEVANS, Ellen Ellis, 1685-1765EVANS, Emily Caroline, 1873-1928
EVANS, Evan, 1684-1747EVANS, Hannah, 1752?-1828
EVANS, Hannah Bacon, 1765-1829EVANS, Harold, 1886-1977EVANS, Joel, 1796-1865
EVANS, John, -1664EVANS, John, 1689-1756
EVANS, John, 1769-EVANS, John, 1814-1897EVANS, John, ca. 1625-1707
EVANS, John James, 1833-1904EVANS, Jonathan, 1759-1839EVANS, Jonathan, 1843-1911
EVANS, JosephEVANS, Joshua, 1731-1798EVANS, Josiah, 1829-1896
EVANS, Katharine, -1664EVANS, Katharine, -1692EVANS, Katharine S. Bracher, 1876-1936
EVANS, Katharine Susan, 1876-1936EVANS, Lamley, 1793-1815EVANS, Lowry Lloyd, 1681-1762
EVANS, Margaret Hurchinson, 1880-1962EVANS, Mary Binns, 1796-1852EVANS, Mary Lownes Smith, 1809-1887
EVANS, Mary Nicholas, ca. 1695-1769
EVANS, Owen, ca. 1687-1757EVANS, Peter
EVANS, Priscilla, 1798-1872EVANS, Rachel Lucretia, 1842-1887EVANS, Rachel Reeve Cope, 1850-1939
EVANS, Robert, 1657-1738EVANS, Sarah, 1784-1855EVANS, Susan, 1837-1838
EVANS, Thomas, -1758EVANS, Thomas, 1693-1783EVANS, Thomas, 1798-1868
EVANS, William, -1688EVANS, William, -ca. 1728EVANS, William, 1750-1817
EVANS, William, 1787-1867EVANS, William, 1798-1839EVANS, William Bacon, 1875-1964
EVANS, Winifred 1879-EVANS (or ap Evan), Thomas, 1650-1738Evans, John
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SMSFSOSSSSOUTHALL, Alfred William 1871-1957
SOUTHALL, Ethel Marion Evans, 1873-1940Selected ArticleSharp, Mary Hannah
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VitalsWWOOD, Phebe Evans, 1766-1843
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