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Advanced Activity Updates Feed Advanced Status and Activity updates probably be one of our best and most popular one replaces the current simple and clumsy default Activity updates feed.... Features such as:as

- advance privacy setting option - mood attachment emoticons to your status - upload photo, share video without being redirected to another page - post blog, create event within the status box - view larger image, and play video from the feed. - feed for photo tagging (coming soon..) - share link will automatically retrieves site’s informations and images - display multiple uploaded photos in one feed (prevent flooding) - popup music player for music feed (able to play the whole album) - feed comments merge to content’s comments - forum comment from feed will be posted as a reply in forum and vice versa (Big Improvement).... - ""more"" and ""less"" feature added to the bulletin, blog, and forum feeds content, users will be read the whole post within the feed.

- Advanced Notification System

You will never have to dig through AddaCafe looking for the blog, photo, or video You just commented on to see if anyone replies to your comments. It is frustrating not to be able to keep track of the things you care and commented on. Thank you, Best regards,

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